South Africa: Kruger National Park.

**This trip was at the end of May, but I’m only just writing about it now**

Alastair and I loved our time in Cape Town, but we were looking forward to seeing wildlife on safari in one of the largest game reserves in Africa.  We flew to Johannesburg and met our friend, Ben, who was joining us to explore Kruger, and drove about six hours to the park.  Ben is South African and grew up visiting Kruger from an early age.  He was a great guide and even lent us his truck, which was refurbished to have a tent atop it for sleeping.


As Kruger is extremely vast (about 7,500 square miles), we camped in several of the campsites and spent the days driving through portions of the park doing our best to spot wildlife.  Many people come to game reserves to see the Big Five (elephant, rhinoceros, water buffalo, lion, and leopard) but there is much much more to see.  Trolling through Kruger is much like a treasure hunt.  When outside the campsites you are required to remain inside your vehicle and may only drive on designated roads.  You can get lucky and stumble upon packs of animals or you may just see empty expanses of land.  We were fortunate to see all of the big five, except a leopard, and so much more.

















Elephants are my favorite animal, specifically baby elephants.  I was so excited to see several baby elephants close up, and the only thing that could’ve made my visit to Kruger better is if I could’ve gotten out of the car and played with them :)

Alastair and I had a fantastic time experiencing the wildlife in Kruger and camping out under the stars.  South Africa as a whole was a really wonderful trip and we feel lucky to have had the opportunity to see a part of the world that is so far away.


2 thoughts on “South Africa: Kruger National Park.

  1. What an adorable baby elephant – We now await the next adorable baby – hopefully not on the same scale of weight ! love Sue XXXX

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