The Counting of Days.

The counting of days has begun.  Which days are we counting, you ask?  The number of days since my last blog post?  Don’t be silly, who can count that high!  No, Alastair and I are getting married on September 28th.  The mind boggles.  And, that would mean we have 24 more days to count.

Time is a sneaky thief.  Where did these last seven months go?

Nevertheless, September is here.  The past few months have been a combination of work in Sierra Leone, brief trips home to the UK and the Sates, and perpetual agonizing over wedding planning.  For a fairly indecisive person, as myself, the thousands of decisions needed to be made for an event like this have been a challenge, but, overall, Alastair and I have really enjoyed this period of anticipation as we approach the most significant day of our lives together.  We can’t wait to share the joy with our family and friends!  I need some type of advent calendar that rewards me with a tiny piece of chocolate at the end of each day leading up to the wedding :)

From my last blog post, back in February, camp has become a different place.  All drilling stopped for the rainy season, and thus, comparatively, there are very few people on site.  It is quiet and peaceful, except for the pounding of rain.  Alastair has been able to spend more time in the field, looking for new targets, and my work with community development has progressed well.  Recently, we had an ceremony in the local village to officially open three of the development projects we organized this year, including a marketplace, a community center, and toilets.

72 73 84 75

Ceremonie in the new Market 178

Ceremonie in the new Market 180

Likewise, we had a similar ceremony opening projects in another Chiefdom a of couple months ago.  They had commissioned tribal dancers to perform, and I became fast friends with one rather large grass devil.

grass devil

When it’s not raining, we’ve been riding our bikes up the mountain.



Lady, our camp dog, comes with us everywhere we go.  She can hardly contain her excitement when it is evening time and she sees us pull the bikes out.

Apple, the pig, is absolutely enormous, and has to be kept in her pen along with her equally sizable daughter, Blackberry.  We don’t get to spend as much time with her since she is now too large to roam the camp like she did when she was younger.  I’ll try to get a picture up of her soon.

We only have about a week and a half before we travel home to finalize all the preparations for the wedding weekend!!


4 thoughts on “The Counting of Days.

  1. hi Krissy My comment wouldn’t go !!! so will write here –congratulations on a job well done – and super photos to prove it. We’re all getting excited for the big day – not long now! lots of love Sue XXX

  2. Hi Kristina and Al, What a lovely market place for the local people which they will be able to use in the rainy season without getting wet! The devilish dancers are very impressive although I think I would have found them quite frightening. Thinking of you as you prepare for the 28th. Love Dave & Sue.

    • Great to receive your blog. Congrats on your most recent achievements. Love the photos – though looking forward to seeing one of Apple !. Getting very excited about the wedding,
      See you soon. Lots of love Margery and Nigel xx

  3. Hi Kristina,Paddy and Sue have just passed us on the connection to you’re blog. We have really enjoyed reading it. We can imagine how excited you both are at the imminent celebrations and the counting down of the days . We love all your photos. What an amazing job you are both doing. We are soooooo looking forward to seeing you both in Salem and being present at your wedding ceremony and celebrations. Love to you both, in our thoughts and prayers. Elizabeth and David xx

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