The Heat Is On.

It has been so hot here, lately.

So hot, that I sometimes feel as if my brain is melting.  The temperature regularly soars well above 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) and, being dry season, we are left scorched by the direct glare of the unforgiving sun.  To protect my skin against the relentless blaze, as well as mosquito and other insect bites, I consistently wear long pants, socks, boots and long-sleeved shirts.  However, this many layers of clothing certainly isn’t doing anything to cool me down.

Nevertheless, we shall prevail.  In the face of the heat…


we have a party.  At least, as much of a party as one can have in a camp on a remote site in Sierra Leone.

Although most people still power through work on Sundays (people like Alastair, that is), Saturday night gives everyone license to blow off a bit of steam.  And we’re a steamy bunch.


The veranda that Alastair and I had built, attached to our room, has proved to be a useful spot to relax and socialize on a Saturday night.


Clearly, Lady is the ultimate party animal, and she helped keep the fun going until the sun went down.  And, that’s how we beat the heat.


One thought on “The Heat Is On.

  1. Please bring some of that heat back to the UK !!!! Boots, gloves, hats all needed – we’re just freezing ! love Sue X

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