Getting Around.

It has been a busy week.  I feel as if we’ve been spinning like tops, and only now are beginning to slow down.  We had been heavily preparing for a delegation visit to our site.  This past Monday, people from the office of the President, the Ministry of Mines, the Environmental Protection Agency and other distinguished guests were all arriving for a presentation about company activities and future plans, as well as the chance to observe our operations.

The Chief Executive Officer of our parent company, the Chief Operating Officer, and the Head of Finance also traveled from London for the event.  These heavy hitters took the fast route to camp.


Dry season is at its height and the helicopter they arrived in kicked up a serious amount of dust.


Which came at us like a wave.


The delegation arrived in a convoy of 4×4 vehicles.  We provided them as special lunch and Alastair did a very detailed presentation about the current state of affairs with the company and plans for future mining.  Then, most of the delegates took the opportunity to visit one of the drill rigs.  Of course, everyone had to put on their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before heading to the drill.


That’s a whole lot of reflective gear.

The delegation visit went remarkably well and Alastair was a star.  Our bosses were flying back to Freetown the next day and offered me a ride since I also needed to travel there for meeting.  What perfect timing!


The busy streets of Freetown bustled below.


Fortunately, before we left, the pilot took Alastair up in the helicopter to get a quick view of the project from above, which he really enjoyed.

After a few days of meetings in Freetown, and one long drive,  I’m already back at camp.  So, we just keep spinning.

Vacation is right around the corner!


3 thoughts on “Getting Around.

  1. Kristina – I cant believe you have managed to wangle another ride in a helicopter! You are so lucky. Hope all the important meetings went well? Its snowing in London again…

  2. hey Kristina! You ROCK! Thank you so much for your contribution to Raw Fitness Performance!!! I have already decided to donate a TRX to your fitness cause…..Fitness Anywhere, as their tag line says. Plus, Court and I traveled RTW with it and it is a handy fitness tool. I just need to make some money first;) See you in March:) Thank you again for your generosity!!!!1

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