Be My Valentine.

Ahhhh, Valentine’s Day.  A day for hearts, a day for chocolates, a day for flowers, a day for…


pumpkins :)

Alastair may have found the most creative way to give someone a Valentine…just write it on a bush pumpkin.

These pumpkins may not be pink, or red, or chocolate covered, and may have the hue of a brussel sprout (which I happen to love) but they are exceedingly heavy.  And, the way I figure it, the heaviest Valentine wins!

I’m just happy I get to spend the day with my pair <3


And a pair of pumpkins.



2 thoughts on “Be My Valentine.

  1. Are they edible I wonder ? Would you have guessed it ? – my valentine is cooking supper this pm – wonders will never cease !!( even if its a M&S special stick in the oven job !! ) Happy Valentine’s to you both Sorry Paddy and I are being dim – what does < 3 mean ? !! lots of love Sue XXX

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