The Ladies.

Since the day I moved into the camp here in Sierra Leone, June 2011, I’ve been surrounded by men.   I’ve been the only female living on site, that is, until a couple of weeks ago.

The balance is shifting.

Kaylan is a young female geologist from South Africa, who recently moved here, and she, unwittingly, has joined my cause to feminize this camp full of drillers, mechanics and other rowdy-type men. It’s a hopeless cause.

At least, I thought it was a hopeless cause, until I brought in a puppy :)  Stray dogs are everywhere in Sierra Leone, but the company over the hill from us has a nice camp dog that just had two pups.  They were healthy and well cared for and ridiculously cute.  When we were visiting their site about a month back, a little sausage roll of a puppy was too cute to resist, so a deal was struck.  After a few weeks time, leaving the puppy time to wean, they would trade her for one of our piglets.  We still needed to downsize our piglet numbers so it seemed a reasonable trade.


We brought the wiggly little puppy into the camp and named her Lady (just in case anyone forgets who’s side she’s on).  Of course, she loves to play.  She will follow anyone anywhere and does crazy, silly puppy things all of the time.

She loves to collect pink flower petals.




I have no idea why.

Within days, Lady had endeared herself to everyone in camp, and all of the guys have quickly succumbed to cooing and cuddling her at any opportunity.


My cause is won.

Kaylan has especially taken to Lady,  and oversees feeding her and other things.  Other than that, Lady is a camp dog and just hangs out with whomever is around at that moment.  And, when there is no one to play with, she collapses into a puddle of sleep.


The balance has shifted, ladies unite.

8 thoughts on “The Ladies.

  1. AHHHH!!! SO CUTE!!! We got my Mom a dog and named her Lady last year. Something tells me your Lady will be a little tougher than my Mom’s Lady. The African bush is just a little different than the streets of Jersey. Well, sometimes;)

  2. She’s beautiful ! – But what does Apple think of her ? say hi to Kaylan from Als mum ! up the ladies !!! love Sue XX

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