Feeling The Burn.

Not long after Alastair and I returned to site from our Christmas break a brain child was born.  Since I moved here, I have been doing my best to get sufficient physical exercise while in camp using a pair of weights and a floor mat in my room, but motivation is always a challenge.

We have enough expats living in camp now that I was certain we could organize some type of fitness club.  I pitched the idea to everyone and got a positive enough response to go ahead and run with it.  It has only been a week, but every day has been great.  I had no idea how 30-60 minutes of exercise at the end of each day could bring our group together so well.  Not only are we improving our health, we are building a better camp community.  It had become far too easy for our group to fracture after the work day was finished and become segregated in an effort to decompress.  But, now we get to decompress together!  Each afternoon, someone leads us as we laugh and sweat, and laugh some more.  We’re tapping into varying expertise, trying everything from militant boot-camp workouts to yoga.


And, we’re doing it together.

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