Seven Little Pigs.

Piggly little piggles!


My darling girl, Apple, is a mom :)  The seven piglets were already huge by the time we returned to camp and were able to see them for the first time.  I’m a little disappointed that I missed the itty-bitty stage, but they’re still very cute.


They get a bit confused because Apple comes sprinting towards Alastair and I whenever we visit, but the little ones are still a bit skittish.


So far, we’ve fed the piglets from our hands and have been able to pet them, but they still get frightened and scatter if we move too fast.


Hopefully they’ll learn to trust us the way Apple does.

There are four girls and three boys.


I’ve named the girls Clementine, Blackberry, Peanut (the tiniest of all), and Peach.  I was going for all fruits, so we would have a “fruit salad” but I couldn’t resist the name Peanut for our littlest piglet.  I haven’t named any of the boys because I don’t think we can keep them.  The males can’t be kept with the females after a certain age and I don’t think we have enough room in the camp for that many pigs anyway.

Boy or girl, they all have their mother’s eyes :)


Apple is an exemplary mother and I’m very proud of her.



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