Thanksgiving in Freetown.

Waiting for the election results held us up in Freetown for an additional week.  I felt a bit guilty leaving the other guys to tough it out on Banana Island, but it wasn’t long before they packed up and followed us back to the Peninsula, where they found some accommodations that, at least, weren’t as cut off from civilization.

There was a lot of work to accomplish, but since the guys were staying at a place on the beach, Alastair and I took the opportunity to go swimming a few times.

Another week also meant that we would be in Freetown over Thanksgiving.  Being the only American, no one else took much notice of the holiday, but I made sure to say aloud the things that I’m thankful for.  I called my family, to say ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ and also to prod them for descriptions about all the delicious foods they’d be eating :)  No typical thanksgiving dinner for me, but I was thankful that we ran into our favorite fruit and vegetable man.


He always has some good produce for us, and a friendly smile to go with it.


A few days later, the election results were announced and the incumbent president had maintained power.  Many people were out in the streets celebrating, and I’m VERY thankful that Sierra Leone can boast a peaceful election this year.

Results meant that we could safely head back to site, finally.

Unfortunately, I can’t say that I’m thankful for the road that we take to camp!



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