Home and Away.

So, I left off with Alastair and I returning from our Italian holiday.  At least we were able to fly over the Alps, for the second time.


Looks cold down there.


We returned to London just in time for Halloween (yes, Halloween…I’m way behind).  It was clear within a day our two that, instead of returning to Sierra Leone as planned, Alastair would need to fly down to Johannesburg, South Africa for a meeting of sorts.  I decided to take the opportunity to book a flight home to Boston, telling no one except my mom (since someone needed to pick me up from the airport).  It was so last minute that I decided to surprise the rest of my family members once I’d arrived.  I kept the unexpected visit quiet since it would only be for a few days.  At least I had the chance to jump out on a couple of my siblings, and truly frightened one of them, sorry Susie!  My limited days at home were spent enjoying time with the family, and eating far too many pieces of leftover Halloween candy.

Alastair’s trip to Johannesburg was equally as abrupt, and after a few short days we were reunited in London Heathrow Airport, coordinating the timing of our arrival from two different continents.   It had been Alastair’s first visit to South Africa, and is a place that I hope to see someday.

By this point we were reaching mid-November and needing to return to site in Sierra Leone for multiple reasons.  Work-related issues aside, we had received an email from camp that Apple, my pig, had given birth to several piglets!  I couldn’t believe she didn’t wait for me to return!!  I was totally shocked and overjoyed, especially since I hadn’t been completely convinced that she was pregnant in the first place.  Then, I was angry that I was missing the whole event.  Seven baby piglets from my darling girl, Apple, and I wasn’t even there to see it.  To make matters worse, although Alastair and I were finally headed to Sierra Leone, we weren’t heading directly to camp.

Banana Island is what awaited us.


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