The Fat One.

Errr, what blog?  Oh yes, I remember.  Where shall I begin?

I’ll begin at the beginning.

Over a month ago, in mid-October, Alastair and I packed up to leave camp in Sierra Leone.  We flew to London and spent the first few days of our break with Alastair’s parents, then quickly packed up again (different bags) for our vacation in Italy.

Our Italian adventure began in Bologna, or  la grassa (the fat one ) as it is lovingly referred to.  La grassa is a nickname that was adopted pertaining to the excellent cuisine in Bologna, which is argued to be some of the best in all of Italy.  The region is known  for many delicacies such as balsamic vinegar, parmigiano-reggiano, and mortadella.

Another nickname for Bologna is la dotta, or the ‘learned one’.  The city is home to one of the oldest existing universities in the world, and the students make up a large portion of the city’s population.

Along with the young, urban feel of a university town and delicious foods at every turn, the city streets are lined with miles and miles of porticoed walkways, which make simple strolling around feel like something special.

There are many sights and landmarks around Bologna, so we visited a number of famous basilicas, piazzas, fountains, and, of course, the Two Towers.

I wish I had counted how many steps we climbed to get up to the top of this tower…it was a lot, but worth the view at the top.

Our Bed & Breakfast was sensational and centrally located and  I only wished we’d had more time in Bologna.  One of our days in this city was robbed from us due to multiple cancelled flights from London caused by bad weather and fog around Europe.  Nevertheless, we made the most of our short stay and can highly recommend it as a fantastic city to visit in Italy.

We were disappointed to say goodbye to our ‘fat one’ so soon, yet, we were headed to the Italian Riviera and its stunning rugged coastline where the Cinque Terre reside!


2 thoughts on “The Fat One.

  1. Phew! I knew you were on vacation but I was beginning to get worried about you, like the little grandmother I am. I literally had it on my checklist to email you this AM. Bologna looks awesome but I can’t WAIT to hear about the rest!

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