The Disconnect.

We didn’t have internet for the 3-4 days this week.  We were totally disconnected.  It wasn’t that bad, even though it made work a bit more challenging.  We did, however, get the opportunity to enjoy a lovely sunset.


And feed the duck.

We’re back online now, clearly, but there’s something to be said for disconnecting from the instantaneous accessibility of email and such, and connecting to the physical world around…even if it wasn’t by choice.  At least the duck appreciated it.

Tomorrow we make the long drive to the airport and fly our way to London.  Our rotation leave came close to the last one due to logistical constraints, but we’re not complaining because we’ve planned a holiday in Italy.  I’m totally willing to disconnect in Italy!

On Monday we fly into Bologna,

Vola a Bologna da Cagliari, Catania, Olbia, Palermo e Mosca.

then travel to the Cinque Terre, Vernazza

and lastly hit up Rome.

I hope the pictures that I take turn out that nice :)  I can’t wait!

Until then, we’re wrapping up things at camp and plowing through all those emails that accumulated over the past few days.

One thought on “The Disconnect.

  1. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful holiday! Sue, Paddy, Bertie and I had a good walk on the “Lawrence of Arabia Trail”, even though there were some very large puddles to negotiate. X

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