Tropical Fruits.

The heart of rainy season left us with very little fruit to enjoy.  Even the year-round standards of papaya and bananas were hard to come by.  But, as the season starts to make small changes we’re seeing a bit more emerging.  Among our many fruit varieties in camp, we have a couple of guava trees and a passion fruit vine that Alastair planted.

Ours are green apple guavas and not the more recognizable pinky orange ones, but they’re still just as tasty.   The other day the gardener picked one of the biggest guavas I’ve ever seen.

Guavas are intensely fragrant and this one filled the whole office with its fruity aroma. Our passion fruit vine bears yellow passion fruits, which  tend to be larger than the more popular purple variety.  To eat, just cut in half and scoop out the seeds with a spoon.   Both have such unique flavors that it is quite a treat to have them picked ripe and handed to me as a snack.


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