Months ago, our local gardener planted rows and rows of peanuts, or groundnuts. Thousands of the little nuggets were pulled out of the ground a while back and left to dry.   I’m still unsure how the gardener managed to dry them out during rainy season, but, nevertheless, I’ve been given a sack of raw peanuts to do with what I want.

And I wanted to roast them.

Then eat them.

All of them.

OK…and share them.

Before roasting, though, I had to wash the ground off those groundnuts.  I did the best I could.

The camp medic had condemned the oven in the camp kitchen and insisted on Alastair purchasing a new one, which meant there was a spare (albeit condemned) oven just hanging around.  SCORE!

I put that oven in my little add-on kitchen.  The hose leading out of the window connects it to a small gas container sitting outside.  Perhaps it is not the most attractive of kitchen appliances, but it’s functional.

Ok, so the oven is merely an open flame with no temperature control to avoid burning things like peanuts, but it did the job….

at least it did the job on the second attempt after burning the first batch.  I need to get a fire extinguisher, just in case.

Delicious, warm, fresh roasted peanuts are best enjoyed on the veranda on a sunny afternoon.

Check out our decorative chinese lanterns that Alastair and I brought back from the UK.  They don’t actually fit over any lights here, but they still look nice.  In the upper-left corner you can also see a bit of the Nimini Hills looming over us.

Approximately five minutes after I took that picture of the sunshine, another massive rainstorm blew in and dumped down buckets for the following three hours.

Luckily, delicious, warm, fresh roasted peanuts are just as good on the veranda on a rainy afternoon.

Here in the bush of Sierra Leone, my add-on kitchen and veranda, plus my sack full of peanuts have me sitting in the lap of luxury.  It’s a good thing there are plenty of people around to share them with.


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