What To Expect If Apple’s Expecting.

If Apple is, in fact, preggo, I can’t even begin to imagine what to expect.  But, let us take it back to the beginning. Ok, not the beginning, but at least three weeks ago.  Alastair and I returned from our all-too-short vacation break and landed back in camp.  The pigs were a mess and Porkchop had grown quite a bit.  Apple revealed some wounds on her back and ears, which were either from fighting with Porkchop or scratching against the deceptively sharp bamboo fence.  Either way, Porkchop was getting on my nerves and I was ready to be rid of him.

Alastair had always maintained that we wouldn’t keep him for long.  The fact that his stay was temporary and that he seemed to harass Apple constantly didn’t leave me feeling bonded to the little guy.  All of the local people were telling me that Apple looked pregnant and her massive belly was enough to convince me it was time to get rid of Porkchop, pregnancy or no pregnancy.  Either he had done his job, or he hadn’t, but I didn’t want him sticking around any longer.

I was all business, until the day came that someone was actually instructed to slaughter Porkchop.  I felt horrible at the thought, and my resolve for a vegetarian lifestyle was fortified.  I also worried that Apple may be upset, losing her living companion.  You may think she’s just a pig but she’s clearly in tune with her surroundings, much like a dog would be.  I don’t regret the decision (neither do the guys around camp anticipating some nice cuts of meat) but it left me feeling a bit sad.

Since that fateful day, Apple has been doing well.  Her belly is enormous and we’ve let her waddle her way around camp a few times.  If she’s not out playing with us, she’s focused on escaping through her fence.

I really need to take a picture of her next to a human or something to give some proper scale…she’s truly massive.

I’m not sure what to expect, and we shall see if any little piglets materialize, but she’s still my special girl regardless.

Ahh, the good old days.

2 thoughts on “What To Expect If Apple’s Expecting.

  1. Poor old Porkchop !! – But he will definately be appreciated by all the workers on camp!!!
    We await news on Apple – hope expected piglets wont upset holiday plans ?
    much love

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