A Silence Broken.

I’ve been a bad blogger the past couple of months.  In fact, I couldn’t even remember when I last posted something.  These past months have ushered in a lot of change within the company, which has been particularly felt here, on the ground, in camp.  Some changes have been good, and some have been hard to swallow.  It felt as though Alastair and I were working non-stop, leaving no time for anything fun or creative.  Furthermore, the heart of the rainy season left our spirits as dampened as our clothes.  One thing I’ve learned is that incessant rain will take the fun out of life!  Therefore, had I mustered up the energy to blog during these dark days, it would’ve been a bit too “woe is me” to be considered quality reading material.  Honestly, I feel as though I’ve spared you all :)

The good news is that, now, in Sierra Leone, the sun is shining!   I can’t predict how long this sunshine will last before the next rainstorm, but even a small break from the perpetual deluge warms the body and soul, and this equatorial sunshine packs some serious heat.

We are still in rainy season, serious rainy season, but the weather is taking a turn giving us more breaks.  Also taking a turn, is our work, although we are still very busy, I believe we’ve transitioned into a new rhythm allowing us to appreciate the calmer moments.

Since I blogged last, we finally had our vacation, taking us to Alastair’s parents’ home in the UK, then to Boston to visit my family, back to the UK, and finally returning to Sierra Leone.  When home, we were in full-on relaxation mode, enjoying spending time with friends and family on both sides of the Atlantic.

We even managed to find a pumpkin before leaving Boston.

We’ve been back in camp for a couple weeks and we’re getting into a groove.  I realized I’ve missed my blog and yesterday I was given a catalyst to get me back into it.

Yes, that’s a baby pangolin.

You may remember Artie, the pangolin that we rescued many months ago.  Yesterday, one of the surveyors bought a baby pangolin off of the villagers.  The local people will happily eat a pangolin, as they would most forms of bushmeat. The surveyor hoped to release him back into the bush in a safe place and we’re currently looking after him.

He’s just a little guy and I’m not sure if he’d be away from his mother yet at this age.  We haven’t given him a name but he’s much less shy than Artie was, and he’ll even fall asleep clinging to your arm (especially Tim’s arm).

This mini shy-beef is a cling-on.  Once we have a better idea of how strong he is we’ll decide what the best course of action is.

So, with that, my blog-silence has been broken, and with blue skies in the distance I’m sure I’ll be quickly overwhelming you all with plenty of updates :)

A taste of what’s to come: Apple just may be pregnant! (will give the full details soon)

Don’t let the flattering angle fool you, she’s ENORMOUS!

11 thoughts on “A Silence Broken.

  1. Some lovely photos. The pangolin looks really cute. I hope your shoes don’t go mouldy in the rainy season. So glad the sun has now come out!

  2. Great to hear from you again. Sorry we missed you when you were in Marlow. Glad to hear that the sun has come out for you again in every way. Try and take time out for yourselves.

  3. Oh so happy you are blogging again. It was so great seeing you guys while you were here. Can’t wait for the next time! Until then I will be a happy reader:).

  4. Hip hip hurray for having Kristina’s blog to read again…. bleak, dreary, cold english lunchtimes will now be much more bearable again! x

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