Blog Vacation.

You may have asked yourself, “Why hasn’t Kristina put up any posts lately?”  Or you may have been busy enjoying summer and watching the Olympics so it hasn’t crossed your mind.  I’ve basically been on a blog vacation for the past few weeks, although a vacation would imply a period of enjoyment and relaxation, and these weeks have been anything but.  Frankly, we’ve been too preoccupied with work.  The project continues to accelerate and the state of affairs is in constant transition.  More seems to be expected every day and in the meantime our frisbee and my baking pans gather dust.  Last week, Alastair and I even drove 8 hours down to Freetown to attend a half-hour meeting, just to turn around and drive the 8 hours back.  I’ve never seen the road in such bad shape and I almost got out to walk, with the torrential downpour the only thing stopping me from doing so.

So here I am, on my rain-soaked, work-laden blog vacation, feeling ever so sorry for myself.

OK, enough of that now.

Originally, Alastair and I should have been home by now, but the schedule changed a few times and we’ll be sticking it out until the end of August.  Until then, I’ll do my best to keep my blog vacations to a minimum :)

Amazingly, today I saw the sun: a rare sight in this rainy season.  I got so excited I took a picture.

That, my good people, is a shadow! I haven’t seen my shadow in weeks.

Now I just need to find Apple.


3 thoughts on “Blog Vacation.

  1. woohoo… its sunny here too for once! Olympic fever has certainly hit London. Wonder if some of the excitement has reached your little corner of the salone bush?

  2. OK, it’s been over a month and the olympics are done and vacation must be over and if you haven’t found Apple we would have seen a poster on the pole…where are you? Miss you. Helen

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