Getting There.

Oh, the difference a week can make.

Our kitchen/dining room and screened in porch (now called the conservatory) are pretty much finished.

We’ve added in little bits of furniture after laying down some matting on the floor and adding one last layer of paint on the walls.

I finally was able to pull out all of the little items I brought from home.  We have plenty of space now and I’m looking to have some shelves and tables made to fill in the empty room.  Slowly we’ll make it a more comfortable place to spend our time.

This is the door that connects to my bedroom.

The sink is in working order and has already proved to be very useful.

I haven’t used all of those utensils, I just don’t have any place to put them yet.

It is so nice to have some extra living space, and I’m already especially fond of our conservatory.  It’s a nice to place to sit whether it’s to watch the sunset, in the heat of midday, during a rainstorm or any other time.

All this alone time can get a bit lonely though, so we’ve been inviting people over to hang out with us…go figure.

5 thoughts on “Getting There.

  1. Looks great!! Can’t believe you guys did that all on your own (well, actually I can….you are so creative & multi-talented!) xoxo

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