Before Before.

In the Krio language, it is common to repeat words to give emphasis.  When you really want something done with haste, you would say “fast fast” or “now now.”

Alastair and I have been building a kitchenette/living room attached to my bedroom, with a sort of screened in porch, and the speed of this project of ours is more aptly described as “slowly slowly” (which happens to be a common Krio phrase for anything in life that’s taking time).

The idea was born many months ago and we’re in the home stretch to finishing.  It will have a sink and possibly a stove at some point.  We will add in a table and some chairs.  I have a small refrigerator already, and a pile of kitchen utensils that I brought from home.

The chair that I had made for Alastair’s birthday is in its rightful place on our screened-in porch.

When one lives in a camp, and all areas are communal, personal space is a luxury not afforded.  We each have our bedrooms, which offer a bit of reprieve, but all other space is public and shared. Most days, I don’t notice being the only female in camp, but there are times that I am honestly sick of being stuck around a table full of loud men with no escape.  Those days, I have detailed dreams of my own kitchen or lounge area and I’m aching to get our project  finished…

…now now!

Hoping to reveal after pictures soon.


3 thoughts on “Before Before.

  1. How wonderful! Is that drywall?!
    You two work so hard and I think it is great that your living space is coming together. Wish I could send a house warming present!

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