A Day To Remember.

Saturday, Alastair and I had the great pleasure of attending the wedding of good friends, Andy and Susie.  This special occasion was our reason for traveling back to England so shortly after our last leave and I’ve been excited about it for months.

The church ceremony was beautiful and filled personal touches.

The reception was being held at the university where Alastair, Andy and Susie all did their degrees, Royal Holloway.  This extraordinary building was even where Alastair lived as a first-year resident.

Although the weather was cooler than late-June would suggest, everyone had a good time out in the courtyard.

Dinner was being served in the Picture Gallery, surrounded by famous paintings.

Instead of table numbers, each table was named after a famous musician and ours was the Debussy table.

All of the food was delicious, but I was particularly impressed with the creme brulee dessert which was as tasty as it was elegant.

The speeches were especially moving, and Alastair and I even got a shout-out for being the couple that travelled the furthest.

The whole day was a clear display of how special Andy and Susie are as a couple and how much they mean to their family and friends.

After dinner, we moved into the campus pub for a fun-filled evening of exceptional music from a whole variety show of artist, drinks and conversation, more food and wedding cake, and most importantly dancing!

We definitely broke it down on the dance floor and I can only hope that no one was recording video footage at that point in the evening.

Somehow Susie’s veil ended up on my head, but I think it suited her much better :)

Alastair and I had an incredible time celebrating with Andy and Susie, and we are so grateful to them, their families and friends for including us in such a special day.

Congratulations guys!!

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