Again, Already?

Yes, Alastair and I are off tomorrow back to the UK.  Typically, we’re on a rotation where we spend eight weeks on site and then have a two-week leave, then eight weeks on again and three weeks leave, even though this kind of rotation is likely to change with the new management.  However, Alastair and I had split up our leave to make sure we were home for the wedding of his good friend, Andy.  I love weddings!

Due to the immense pressure of the daily workload of late, it isn’t even possible for Alastair and I to travel to Freetown the day before we fly, which is the typical procedure.  Tomorrow, we will take a vehicle on the even longer drive straight to the airport and we will fly that night, landing in London the next morning.  It sounds normal, driving to the airport the day of your flight, but with all that can go wrong on the seven-hour, bumpy drive, it usually makes sense to travel the day before.  The silver lining is that we don’t have the hassle of crossing by boat this way.

Packing is easy enough, since I try to take an almost empty suitcase with me so I can fill it with goodies for our return trip.  There is one thing I wish I could’ve packed to bring home…

This little cheep-cheep must’ve been abandoned.  We have plenty of hens and chicks running around but this baby bird didn’t have any mother to look after him.  I tried to give him some food and keep him in a warm place but the odds were stacked against him.  Sadly, our little yellow friend didn’t make it, he needed his mother too much.

There are so many animals wandering about camp that it becomes hard to keep track, but I’m glad to have them around since I imagine this a living environment I’ll likely never experience again.

Nevertheless, tomorrow we’re leaving all our strange animals, the tropical rainstorms and the blistering heat behind for some British summer!


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