Three’s A Crowd.

I am appreciating the brief but serene ebb of visitors in camp the past day or two.  We currently have only a couple newbies and although more are on their way, I’m enjoying the interim.  I even had the chance to take Apple out for a walk.  She was so happy to come out and play around camp for a bit, she was running and jumping and barking like a dog, yes, a dog. I left little Porkchop inside the fence because I think he harasses my Apple.

We hit up her favorite spots.

At the hose for a drink.

At the tree for a scratch.

But it wasn’t long before Porkchop knocked down the door to the fence and joined us.  He’s a determined little fellow.

The piggies were having so much fun romping around camp that the only way I could lure them back was with their food bucket.  Musa, one of the kitchen cooks, delivers the kitchen scraps to the piggies each day so they definitely know what their bucket looks like…Apple and Porchop sprinted after Musa for the contents of that bucket.

I had been worried that Apple would be mad at me for neglecting her lately, but when she turned back from chasing her food bucket to make sure I was still following…

I knew she still loved me.


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