Goodbye, Hello.

The hardest part of living this nomadic lifestyle is the unremitting goodbyes that have to be said.  It always tugs at the heart-strings when saying goodbye to loved ones. My week in Beverly was spent visiting family and friends while Alastair did the same in England.  My last day happened to fall on Memorial Day, which gave us double the reason to have a party, including cake…

American flag cake, made with the assistance of my wonderful niece Aly.

A round of goodbyes and a plane ride landed me in London, reunited with Alastair and his parents. Thankfully, departure in one place means arrival in another, and there are always reunions to be had upon an arrival.  It was a quick stopover and I spent the night reorganizing my luggage and adjusting to the time difference.  When the morning came, it was time for another round of goodbyes and another plane ride, this time to Freetown with Alastair where my hair was reunited with the humidity and immediately began expanding :)

We crossed the bay to Freetown on the water taxi as the sun was setting.

You can see the boat approaching in the distance and then it was time for boarding.

Although the air was thick and a bit drizzly, it was a particularly nice evening for a boat ride.

One night in Freetown and we were on the road the next day up country.  There are always plenty of reunions to be had in camp as everyone is anxious to greet us and enquire about our travels.

Unfortunately, the last few days I’ve been having troubles with my computer which has kept me from blogging but it seems we’re up and running now, thankfully (and I promise an update on Apple very soon).

The last few days have brought a quick adjustment back into bush life with the addition of unrelenting rains…rainy season is certainly here to stay!


One thought on “Goodbye, Hello.

  1. Hi Kristina,

    Glad to hear you had a nice visit home! Let’s connect on your next visit. Rainy season must be tough.


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