A British Birthday!

Traveling has left me with my head spinning but I managed to land safely in Beverly nevertheless.  After making our way through Freetown, we headed onwards to London, arriving just in time for my birthday :)  Alastair and have known each other for almost  nine years, and yet never once had the opportunity spend a birthday together.  His was on the 1st of May, and we celebrated in the bush, but mine got a little British flair as we were in his parents’ hometown of Marlow for the 18th.

While still in Sierra Leone, I had been having visions of chocolate croissants and cappuccino to be my birthday breakfast, and Alastair didn’t let me down.  On the day, we walked into Marlow town in the crisp Spring morning air to a local bakery for our treats.

Burgher’s has all kinds of fancy pastries and treats to choose from but I already knew what I was getting, and it was even better than my dreams :)

Don’t worry, I didn’t eat both croissants, one was Alastair’s, but I did get a cappuccino.

A birthday breakfast to remember.

It didn’t stop there though.  Alastair, his parents, and I stopped by the hospital to visit his grandfather, who is gradually recovering from a recent stroke.  We played games and had cake, and grandpa displayed no loss of singing talent as he topped off the afternoon with a beautiful rendition of ‘happy birthday.’

We were definitely missing Ruth, Alastair’s sister, whose birthday also happens to be on the 18th!

It wouldn’t be a British birthday without a walk in our Wellington boots, along with Bertie of course!

We enjoyed walking amongst the trees and the last of the blue bells, and had to have a log walking competition…

which I didn’t win.

But, it didn’t stop there either.  The evening included a lovely meal cooked by Alastair’s mother and dessert on the town.

Altogether, it was an exceptional British-style birthday!


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