Homeward Bound.

We’re heading home! It may take us a few days to actually get there, but we’ll be on our way nonetheless.  Tomorrow morning, Alastair and I will make the long drive to Freetown.  The following day we’ll take the car to the boat, the boat to the van, the van to the airport, then the airplane to London.  If we can squeeze a visit to the beach in there somewhere, I’ll be over the moon.

I’ll then be in the UK for two days (one of those days being my birthday, yay!) before I fly home to Boston, while Alastair will stay with his family.

These last two months have been long and arduous.  Much is changing within the project as the attitude shifts from exploration to the preparation of a mine site.  We’ve hosted countless visitors, bosses and consultants, and me contracting malaria was an unpleasant addition to the frenzy.

Home is always a special place regardless, but lately a trip home sounds like music to my ears.

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