A Slice Of Home.

My sister, Lana, makes the best scones that I’ve ever tasted, so when Mick, the camp manager and typical British bloke, was moaning about wanting a scone with his tea, I knew who to write to for the recipe.

There’s no shortage of butter in these babies.

A mix and a pat and they’re ready for the oven.

Baking is hardly an exact science out here in the bush, but I managed to follow her basic recipe well enough to produce a piping hot, soft and crumbly scone to appease the most potent British hankering.

Delicious, or sconeylicious as Lana would say.

Home doesn’t feel so far away when you have a freshly baked scone stuffed into your mouth :)

Right Mick?


3 thoughts on “A Slice Of Home.

    • Scones are a bit like a biscuit but sweeter. They are very tasty with blueberries in them, but unfortunately there aren’t any blueberries out here.
      I moved to Africa because my boyfriend is the project manager for a gold exploration company here in Sierra Leone. He’s been working with this company for a number of years and I wanted to see what life was like out here. I’ve been here almost a year and have learned a lot :)

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