New Faces, Strange Places.

We have some new friends.

I honestly don’t know where this duck came from.  Animals just seem to appear in camp.

I imagine he was a gift from someone, somewhere.  He is an old fellow and, oddly enough, he usually only waddles out and about at nighttime.  One evening, I was walking back to my room in the dark without a flashlight (never a good idea) and I got the fright of my life when I almost stepped on the poor thing.  He’s taken to sitting in the same spot outside my room to sleep.

He’s a strange duck.

Another unexpected addition is a second pet tortoise, who came to us by one of the workers.  He’s a lot smaller than Sheldon was, and also a bit shyer.  He’s either in hibernation mode or simply pretending that he’s sleeping.

We haven’t decided what to do with him yet, but we’ll keep him safe until we do.

Apple and Porkchop are getting along well enough.  Separating them was harder than expected, as it appears that nothing will stop Porkchop’s determination to be by Apple’s side (or on top of her head) until the end of time.  I can’t say that Apple necessarily appreciates her incessant admirer, but she’s learned to tolerate him.

Even though they had just broken out of their pen, and each had a fresh coat of mud from whatever puddle they rolled around in, this odd couple wasn’t interested in having their picture taken.

Lastly, our little chicks are growing at a steady rate, but I’m not sure why they’ve taken to sitting in bushes.

We have the wierdest animals.


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