Mango Time.

It’s like being in a candy store, but the candy grows on trees.

Well into mango season, you’ll see Sierra Leonan children with distended bellies as a result of the sudden bounty of sugary calories they are consuming.  There are mangoes everywhere you turn.

Just in camp, we have more mangoes than we know what to do with.  I’ve made mango salsa, and mango-coconut cake.  Perhaps after our vacation I’ll start in on some mango chutney to jar up for after the season’s finished.  Is it possible to get sick of mangoes?

I’ve had Guinea mango (large and juicy), green mango (although ripe, it stays green), banana mango, big cherry mango, rope-rope mango (contains a lot of stringy fibers), nose mango (has a pointy end resembling a nose), and, strangest of all, kerosene mango (although sweet and tasty, has the distinct scent of kerosene that lingers on hands and mouth).  And these are merely the ones with names I remember.

I’m told that there are over 1000 varieties of mango, and as we move through the season we’ll have the pleasure of trying a significant portion of that number.

5 thoughts on “Mango Time.

  1. You need a big freezer for all that mango.
    Avocado freezes well too.
    Hope you and Alastairs bellys arent getting to big!

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