Nature’s Healing.

Thanks for all the well-wishes from everyone,  I certainly feel like I’m getting back normal again.  I wish I could say that much for our pigs!

In addition to my tablets, Alastair had someone find a special bark from the bush.  This specific yellow bark is stripped and soaked in water until it produces a deeply bitter drink, much like quinine.  It is used as a local medicine for malaria and although it can be a challenge to choke down a whole glass, I’ve been doing so as ordered :)

I’m also happy about our little plants that are doing well.  Months ago, Alastair and I planted some seeds of swiss chard and cilantro (coriander in Britspeak).  The cilantro has timed itself perfectly for the avocado season.

Cilantro is the avocado’s best friend!

The swiss chard is a total treat as well, as leafy greens are not typically grown around here.

Green goodness for healing the body and soul!

Whether it’s a a bitter, bark drink or a crisp leaf of chard, I’m thankful for it all.


One thought on “Nature’s Healing.

  1. Hope you are feeling better. Glad to hear Alastair is coming up trumps at looking after you! You are both in our thoughts and prayers. I love reading your blog. God bless. Love Margery and Nigel

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