The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

Despite wearing all long clothing even in sweltering heat and oppressive humidity; despite being positively militant about tucking in all sides of my mosquito net at night; and despite baking cakes at all opportunities, I’ve somehow contracted malaria :(

I’m fairly certain, now, that last week’s episode was the start of my attack.  I had been avoiding taking the malaria blood test for the mere fact that I’m a coward and couldn’t imagine a fate worse than pricking my finger for blood.  Well, there is a fate worse than pricking one’s finger, there’s even a fate worse than pricking one’s finger THREE times for blood because that person is a chicken and pulled the needle out before it was deep enough to actually draw a significant amount of blood (if you’re wondering, I am that person).  So, the fate worse than a thrice-pricked finger?  A positive read on the malaria test and all that follows.  Malaria is no joke and I won’t recount the worst of it.  I continue to take treatment and am happy to say that the serious effects have subsided.  I’m simply grateful to have had, and continue to have Alastair taking care of me, I can’t imagine going through it alone.

While I was out of commission, both of our pigs have decided to escape from their respective pens and run wild.  I’m not exactly sure what we’re doing wrong here, but we can’t seem to keep our pigs contained.  Apple seems to think she’s a human and can go wherever the humans go.  Porkchop, on the other hand, has some visceral obsession with Apple and now goes wherever she goes, even though we’re attempting to keep them separate. It is a choo-choo train of craziness here :)

We do have some good news, though; our black speckled hen did an excellent job of sitting on her eggs and now we have nine black, white and yellow little chicks hopping about.

Very happy about getting better and about multi-colored chicks!

5 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

  1. Oh Kristina. This isn’t good news! You must take care of yourself. Good that Alistair is there and helping you out. Please rest up!!!
    Maybe now a blood test isn’t so intimidating…

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