Unrequited Love.

Apple has a boyfriend.

It just so happens he is about one-tenth her size.

We had sent someone to a neighboring village, where pigs are being kept, to purchase a suitable male pig.  Apparently, the larger male was too difficult to catch and outran everyone, thus, the slower baby boy is what they came back with.

He is skittish and shy, much like Apple was when we first got her.

Alastair says I’m not allowed to get attached to this little porkchop, and not to give him a name because once Apple is in ‘the family way’ he’ll be going.  I was all for this plan until I saw how cute and little he is. Maybe I’ll just secretly call him Porkchop :)

He is clearly more interested in Apple than she is in him; she runs the other direction whenever he comes near her.  It looks like unrequited love to me :)

For the time being, we are keeping them separated and giving the little guy some worming tablets just to be sure that he isn’t carrying anything.

Hoping for a love match soon!

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