Sweet As Honey.

Sweet treats are few and far between out here in the bush, which is why I end up baking so many cakes, so when I had the opportunity to purchase some “bush honey” I didn’t hesitate.

This rich, dark honey is collected from particularly aggressive bees in the forest, which are called simply “honeys” in Krio (sounding more like who-nee). Alastair says, “Everyone in Sierra Leone has a honeys story” and even he will give an account of running for his life away from a storm of bees in the bush.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to face any ‘honeys’ for my jar of amber-colored liquid, although, I believe it would have been worth it. Someone passing the camp was selling their loot and I was able to fill a jar I had brought from home for about the equivalent of a dollar.

Delicious dark bush honey.

This honey is clearly darker in color, but also much more intense in flavor. It has an aroma closer to that of molasses.

Although it is perfectly lovely on its own, I was intent on making some granola, good cereal being another item impossible to find.

I had bags and bags of various seeds and nuts from home, which I combined with oats and rich bush honey, and baked to golden perfection…


Oh, how sweet it is!


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