Chasing Chickens.

We have a lot of chickens and roosters running around the place, or chook-chooks and cockerels as we like to say here.  The roosters are a little confused about the time of day and like to send out their best “cock-a-doodle-doo” right outside the office window at all hours.  With multiple roosters we end up listening to their shouts in constant succession, which makes it difficult to concentrate when working…or sleeping.

How do we solve this noise pollution problem?

It’s off with their heads!

That sounds terrible, but they’ve had a full life in camp and it was time for some of them to go. We left the chickens and chased down three noisiest roosters.  I should say, some of the guys chased them down while I chuckled and took pictures :)

Those roosters are fast,

but not fast enough.

The guys tuck their wings behind their backs to immobilize the roosters until it was time they met their fate.  The soup pot.

Being a vegetarian, I certainly wasn’t interested in eating our roosters and I was a little sad to see them go, but there are still quite a few roaming around that live to roost another day.

Crazy chook-chooks.


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