Snake Sighting Number Four.

Snakes in the trees?  Not a problem.  Snake in the office?  I can handle that.  Snake in my bedroom?  Not cool.

The other night I went to pick up what I thought was a big, fat, black millipede crawling under my door, which is disgusting enough but something I’ve gotten used to, but, instead, I snapped back after realizing it was actually one end of a small black snake.

I couldn’t tell what kind of snake it was so I didn’t want to do anything until Alastair arrived.  After inspecting, he decided it was a small black cobra and carefully killed it before taking it outside.  After that, I, of course, started having paranoid thoughts about snakes living under my bed and in my shower.

To compound matters, I have been sick with some kind of stomach bug.  I couldn’t eat anything for two days and was stuck in bed with a fever…prime circumstances for delusional thinking concerning snakes.

Thankfully, I’m on the mend now, albeit on a diet of rice, bananas and plain toast, but at least the irrational thoughts have passed.  Hopefully, the last of the snake sightings has passed as well :)

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