Blame It On The Rain.

It has begun. Still being early in the season for heavy rain, I wasn’t expecting the several inches that have fallen in the last week or so. When it rains, it pours.

I wish I could blame the rain for my computer problems. I “accidentally” used too much cleaning liquid while attempting to remove a thick layer of film from my computer earlier this week (don’t bring a white laptop to Sierra Leone) and some ended up seeping into my keyboard, so now a few of the keys are all messed up. For a few days I couldn’t use my computer at all, but, thankfully, Alastair had an external keyboard that I’ve hooked up until I’m home and can have it looked at.

Other news; Apple has lost her mind. She broke down the fence of both of her pens and fell into a garbage ditch in the middle of the night. Some guys helped haul her out with a a rope the next day, which was no easy task :) After that incident, she only became more obstinate, growling and knocking things over, reeking havoc across the camp. We’ve deduced that she is in “heat” and having certain urges. She had to be locked up in the cell until she stopped vexing. Now, we’re on a serious hunt for a suitable male companion…hopefully, that means piglets!

Sierra Leone feels like a different place once the rains start, but that’s ok, because whenever things start to go wrong, I know who to blame it on.


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