Up A Tree.

Avocado season is upon us.

This tree in particular is the first of all the trees in camp to produce ripe avocados, or ‘butter pear’ in Krio.  It is also one of the tallest.

Alastair used to have a long pole with a wire loop at the end of it, perfect for pulling down ripe avocados from high branches, but it seems to have disappeared.  That just meant Alastair got to climb up the tree while I watched our for snakes ;)

He says I “forced” him to climb the tree, but I don’t remember it that way.  Besides, I promised I would do the climbing next time.

Who wouldn’t for these delicious beauties?  Everything is better with some butter pear!


2 thoughts on “Up A Tree.

  1. Hi kristina. Printed off a couple of your recent posts for gpa – which he really enjoyed reading! And he couldn’t believe how big apple has gotten. Hope alls well in the bush?

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