A Salone Easter.

Happy Easter to all!

Easter is my favorite holiday, and today Alastair and I will celebrate it Salone-style (which means no chocolate bunnies unfortunately).

These eggs may look like your regular ole brown variety, but I’m happy to announce that they actually used to be white…I dyed them by boiling with onion skins.  We only had yellow onions so they didn’t get very dark (red onions skins would have been better) but I’m still proud of them anyway.  They are pretty to look at now but their fate may soon be of the deviling kind….deviled eggs almost sound blasphemous for Easter Sunday but they sure are delicious.

Other than the eggs, there won’t really be any traditional Easter celebration or foods.  I’m making mango salsa and guacamole with the fruits from the trees and the cilantro we grew in our pots.  I’m hoping it will be good enough to make me forget about chocolate bunnies :)  Maybe we can fashion some bunny ears for Apple!

We’re looking forward to a beautiful day here in the bush and wish everyone else the same!


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