The Jell-ay Man.

On these boiling hot afternoons it’s always nice to have a refreshing drink to cool you down, and sweet coconut water is the perfect choice.

These young coconuts have soft, jelly-like flesh inside are aptly named “jell-ay.”  On the city streets of Sierra Leone, you’ll typically see a Jell-ay Man with a wheelbarrow stacked high with jell-ays and a machete in hand (or cutlass in Krio).  The man will take his cutlass and hack away at the top of the coconut giving you an opening to drink the water.  Once you’ve finished drinking, you hand the jell-ay back and he will scrape all of the flesh from inside, place it on the lid and pass it to you to eat.  Or you can just buy the jell-ays as they are and take them home to open them yourself when you’re in the mood for one.

Yesterday was hot.  The thermometer outside only ever seems to go in one direction. Up.  Sweet coconut water sounded like an excellent idea to quench our thirst, thus Alastair got to be the Jell-ay Man for the day.  He didn’t have a machete handy so he just used a butcher knife.

Apple was close by to watch what was going on.  She had bust the fence of her new place, again, and had come to find us in the office to announce her most recent break-out.  I think she was rather proud of herself, actually.

After drinking the fresh coconut water, Alastair cracked the whole thing open for the jelly flesh inside.

We scraped out most of it but the chickens enjoyed the leftovers.

And Apple decided it was a good time to take a nap.

However, Alastair and I needed to return to work and leaving Apple sleeping in the middle of the camp didn’t seem like a good idea, so we lured to her quarters with our secret weapon…

The most enormous cassava root known to man! (well, at least the biggest one I’ve ever seen)

And, with that, everyone was able to enjoy an afternoon snack :)


One thought on “The Jell-ay Man.

  1. That Jell-ay looks like the best easter egg ever! And love the picture with Apple and Timmy patiently waiting for some jell-ay.

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