No Water, No Gas, No Problem.

‘You don’t know what you got til it’s gone.’  Our water supply has been severely compromised in the last week.  Originally, the company had made a dam to support the camp and also to support pumps in the village, which has been working well until recently. As the village has grown rapidly, the need for more water has increased, and the community has begun to dig a new dam.  This new dam has caused all of our water supply to drain and we’ve been dealing with little to no water this past week.  When we do have water it is a dark brown color due to the sediment being churned up in it.  I actually took a brown shower the other day, and I’m not sure if I was dirtier going in or coming out.  Still, brown water was better than no water, which is what we have now…no water.  Our little tank is out.

We are looking to resolve the problem in a way that meets both the community and the company needs.  Until then, we’ll use a pump and pray for rain :)

But, who needs water when one has cans of coconut milk!  Of the random assortment of goods at Unique Supermarket in Koidu, coconut milk is one of the most versatile, especially in dessert making :)  And, another excellent find this week…

Crisp and airy lady fingers!

After mulling over ideas to use both items in a dessert, I decided on making a coconut-milk custard and layering it with shredded coconut, chopped mango and pineapple-lime juice soaked lady fingers to make a sort of tropical tiramisu.  I’m still impressed that my brain came up with that!

A few days ago, my gardener friend, PaKarim, picked two of the first ripe mangoes off one of our mango trees.  We have several mango varieties in camp, all with interesting Krio names, but these first ones are especially tasty and have a name I can’t pronounce.

All excited to assemble my tropical tiramisu, I went to the kitchen to make the coconut-milk custard, only to find that the cooking gas was “dun-dun” (Krio for finished).  A girl can’t catch a break!  Cooking gas is supplied through small containers that are usually filled and transported from Freetown, although there has been a shortage there also.

It was no problem though; this is why we keep charcoal in the camp.  Outdoor-cooking it was!

The custard came together fine over the hot coals.

Musa and our new female cook, Yeh-Yeh, were eager to help with the stirring.

In the end, the dessert assembled beautifully and was equally delicious.  So, this girl will continue to laugh in the face of adversity…or maybe just chuckle, since I would like to have some clean water to shower with again soon :)


12 thoughts on “No Water, No Gas, No Problem.

  1. How do you do it?!! I would go nuts.
    My admiration continues to grow for your ability to cope with all that goes on around you.

  2. Have you read the Bite of the Mango? It is about a girl who is about 13 years old and she got caught by the rebels. I recommend it.

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