No Fools This April.

This guy is no April Fool’s joke.

Alastair thought I’d like this rhinoceros sized beetle, but after watching him wince in pain as the insect pinched the flesh on his hands, I passed…back to nature he goes :)

Also no joke; the amount of time it takes to peel a single bush groundnut.  I’ve foregone the idea of a bush groundnut cake for a simpler tarte au citron…or lime squares to the less fashionable :)

Our yellow limes are not only plentiful, they are also much easier to use; so I’ve saved the bush groundnuts for office munching.

Lastly the joke’s on me;  we sent someone to pay for and collect a male pig to be Apple’s “companion.”  Unfortunately, the man selling changed his mind and didn’t want to give up his only male hog.  Bummer.

We’re still looking though, and now that Apple has plenty of room to roam, we’ll hopefully have little piglets at some point!

Happy April!


4 thoughts on “No Fools This April.

  1. Looking forward to seeing a pic of the lime squares.

    Plus how come the oranges are green and the limes are yellow???

    • I didn’t catch a picture of the lime squares unfortunately, people ate them too fast. Besides, they were masquerading themselves as lemon squares, being yellow and all :) Green oranges, yellow limes, red bananas…this place is madder than a hatter :)

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