Superfood Of The Forest.

Regularly, I am amazed at the sheer variety of plant foods that our earth creates.  Ironically, after my last post about bringing stuff from home, I’m humbled by what this environment here, which is still relatively new to me, can provide.  If you know what you’re looking for, the bush of Sierra Leone has more to offer than the shelves of the best health food store (and I love health food stores, I’m a weirdo).

Alastair collected some “bush groundnut” for me on his last trip up the hill.  Groundnut is Krio for peanut, but the flesh of this seed tastes much more like coconut.

These pods blow from the trees and spin like a helicopter as they flutter to the forest floor.

I don’t know what the proper term for the bush groundnut is or what its nutritional benefits are, but they certainly are tasty and another example of nature’s provision; so to me, they are a superfood :)

Alastair brought me about a thousand of these little guys so I’ll have to think of something to make with them…bush groundnut cake??


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