What Do I Bring From Home?

Besides clothes, books, electronics and the usual suspects of your typical packing list, I like to stuff my suitcase with some creature comforts for the bush.  Soap is a top priority.  I’m a bit of a soap snob.  For the last few years I’ve been avoiding all products with parabens and phthalates and a personal favorite is Dr. Bronner’s Magic liquid soap, but for travel purposes I get the bars.

I end up carrying a two-month supply of everything I use from shampoo to toothpaste because good quality items are hard, if not impossible, to find here.

I ransack the local health food store for some good stuff…

And lately, it seems I don’t go anywhere without chocolate.

Clearly, this chocolate bar isn’t going to last very long :)

Lastly, I try to bring different kinds of nuts with me.  I was shocked to find raw almonds in Freetown one day, but I haven’t seen any around since.  Groundnut (peanuts) are found everywhere in Sierra Leone but I pack my own bags of cashews, brazil nuts and other favorites.

Surprisingly, one product that Sierra Leone is never in short supply of is Marmite.

Perhaps you can blame it on the residual effects of British Colonialism, or the number of British expats in the country, but either way, I’m not complaining because I LOVE the stuff!

It’s a good thing the avocado tree is coming along…

Marmite and avocado sandwiches are delicious :)


3 thoughts on “What Do I Bring From Home?

  1. I,m going to try that Marmite.
    OOO the avocados are almost ready and I know how much you love them!!
    If you had a freeze you could store some.
    Miss you guys.
    Ma Bell

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