A Convict Named Apple.

As the story goes, Apple, one fateful night while we were away, decided on a full force rebellion.  She didn’t simply jump the fence of her pen this time; she crashed the place down and plowed directly through it.  What happened after that is unclear.

Quite a few people reported hearing her snorting around bedrooms close to midnight, but besides broken items around camp no one knows how she spent her night of freedom.  The wreckage left in her wake was reason enough to confine Apple in the makeshift cell for the remainder of the time Alastair and I were away.

We made sure to take her for a walk as soon as possible and, even in solitary confinement, she has grown considerably;

to the point that her whole body sways and jiggles around when she walks.

Work immediately started on fencing off a larger area for Apple to roam in

One would have thought it was enough space to roam in, but she crashed that fence down too.  Until the fence is reinforced to survive Apple’s determination, we have to lure her back to her cell with her favorite snack, cassava.

Cassava is a starchy, tuberous root that is popular in the local cuisine and the only way to lure Apple in a chosen direction.

Hopefully Apple will be in her new home soon.


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