Here, There and Everywhere.

I’m sorry for my extended absence.  To sum up the last week, Alastair and I have either been in an airplane, in an airport, in a car driving to or from the airport, or in a boat in Freetown’s case.  Nevertheless, we made it to camp last night, with everything but our minds in tact :) Kristina is back in Africa.

The best part of our long drive yesterday was seeing hundreds upon hundreds of mango trees along the road, each generously dripping with young mangoes.  They look like green tear drops hanging from the branches.  Thankfully, we have a few of these trees in camp, but I’ll have to be quick because once the fruit ripens it becomes a race to pick the good ones.

Last night, the first rain of the season fell on us as it pounded on the zinc rooftops washing away months of dust.  This morning, the alarm went off in what felt like was still the middle of the night, but duty calls, and being away from camp for a few weeks means that there’s plenty to catch up on.

Vacation has ended and it’s back to work!


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