The Last Day.

Less than a week at home was certainly not enough time to catch everyone and soak in the Beverly vibe, but Alastair and I are flying out this evening nonetheless.  Albeit quick, nothing beats a few days at home and a dose of the family members.  I hadn’t yet had the chance to visit my favorite spot to eat, Organic Cafe, which does mostly vegan, raw and gluten free meals.

Although no one else was half as enthusiastic about eating the vegan fare, my sister, mother and Alastair all accommodated my yearning to have lunch there on our last day.

Lana and my mom put on their happy faces, but there was plenty of groaning and talk of cheeseburgers to be had after our meal.

You can’t deny that the colorful bowls are filled with healthy goodness, and although there was no lack of teasing, everyone enjoyed their meals and left feeling full.

What good sports they were, and made our last meal a special one, thanks guys!

Alastair and I continue our routine of unpacking and re-packing before we prepare to say our goodbyes.  Our flight tonight will take us across the pond to London for a couple days and on then we move on to Sierra Leone.

We’re totally becoming traveling professionals :)

One thought on “The Last Day.

  1. Oh Nooooo! Their they go again!
    Miss you already and am glad you got us to the
    Organic Garden Cafe after all. You were right;
    it’s beautiful food. I love the way you whip up a tasty meal with what is on hand at the house.
    Thanks for the plastering Alastair. Will send pics of the finished job.
    Be well and hope the camp folk respond to your
    gentle persuasion.
    Ma Bell

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