Family, Friends And Food.

I appreciate time spent with the people I care about so much more since it is limited to brief get-togethers during the few days that I’m home.

My friend Danielle had her little baby girl only a few days after I left after Christmas, so this time I had a whole new friend to hang out with, beautiful baby Ayla.

Seth got to hold her for the photo though.  Lucky.

Danielle, Seth, Alastair and I spent time catching up as we satisfied our taste buds with some deliciously deep-bodied beers and nachos at a local Beverly spot called SOMA (Ayla mostly just watched and slept).

After a couple months in the bush, eating the monotonous meals that camp has to offer, it’s been a treat to indulge in all of the culinary delights of home, from mom’s cooking, to bakery treats, to restaurant meals.  Thankfully this group is always ready to indulge with Alastair and me :)

This is the family out for lunch (minus a few members).  Brother Harry, mom Bette, Susie’s boyfriend Ben, sister Susie, Alastair and I all enjoyed a Sunday afternoon together.

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