Party Animals.

Today I had lunch at the Ritz.  Never thought I’d say those words, but the CEO of the company that owns our project invited Alastair, me and a few others for a business lunch at his hotel.  The Ritz was total opulence.  The restaurant had it’s own ‘Cheese Cave” filled with specialty cheeses.  I wanted to live inside of that cave.

After lunch, Alastair and I headed back to the conference where we wandered the floors of the investor’s exchange…

and attended a CEO panel discussion addressing CSR implementation and sustainability in mining/exploration companies.

This year, the convention is hosting 32,000 people and it can get overwhelming swimming in a sea of suits.

But, that also means that once night descends on the city, there is a multitude of functions and parties to attend.

We were invited to two parties in one evening.  The first was thrown by a geo-chemist company at the Royal York Hotel, the birthplace of the signature cocktail, The Ceaser.

From what I can tell, The Ceaser is similar to a Bloody Mary but with clam juice in it.  Alastair felt it was necessary to try one.

Party number two was with thrown by a geo-physicist company in the Steam Whistle Brewery, which had a band playing and an endless supply of the pilsner flowing, but, unfortunately, they weren’t allowing guests to tour the brewery.

Those physicists and chemists know how to party, but Alastair and I were practically falling asleep on our feet by 8:30 so we called it a night relatively early.

I guess we’re not party animals :)


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