From One End To The Other.

PDAC has been offering a number of CSR lectures and I attended a presentation about preventing conflict between exploration companies and the communities that they work in.  The model that the panel presented appeared comprehensive, but most interestingly, the tool had been tested with a company in Sierra Leone so I enjoyed listening to what they had to say.  The convention center is right at the foot of the CN Tower.

The icy air blows right through you so Alastair and I haven’t spent too much time outdoors.

After the days events, Alastair and I met with a British man from another company working in Sierra Leone.  He had stopped by camp a couple months ago and, kindly, offered to take us out to dinner as a thank you for our help in the bush.

The Italian restaurant was beautiful inside but I was mostly interested in the cheese plate.

I would daydream about good cheese in the bush, an item that is very difficult if not impossible to find in Sierra Leone.

We were very grateful to be taken out for such a lovely dinner and I couldn’t help but reflect on how, in just a week, we’ve swung from opposite sides of the spectrum, the poverty of Sierra Leone to the luxury of Toronto.  But, no matter where we are, it is great that we get to experience it together.



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