Welcome To Toronto.

Toronto is cold. I wasn’t expecting tropical weather, but it was still a shock to the system when the icy cold, snowflaked air hit me. The PDAC convention we’re here for lures people of the mining industry from all over the world. Alastair’s boss had booked us into the Hazelton Hotel, which has no less than 5 stars!

The Hazelton Hotel Toronto, Toronto,  Canada

This place is seriously luxurious, and in an area of Toronto that’s peppered with shops and cafes, called Yorkville. After checking in, we made our way to the convention center where Alastair registered and received the itinerary.

We met Alastair’s boss, François, for a drink and then we were on our own for dinner. We chose a Japanese restaurant that had been recommended to us. Avocado roll, noodle bowl and stuff on fire. MMmmm.




Today, Alastair is submerging himself in the sea of black-suited men at the conference. I’ll plan to attend a lecture on Corporate Social Responsibility later this afternoon, but first I’m going to investigate the gym and the pool and maybe brave a walk in the cold to explore the neighborhood.



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