Norma Jean.

Originally, Alastair and I were due to spend this week in London, but early tomorrow morning we are on our way to Toronto, Canada.  Every year, Toronto hosts a prominent convention for mineral mining and exploration called PDAC, which is expecting upwards of 30,000 people.  Alastair attended last year’s event but wasn’t expected this year until a few weeks ago when it became clear that his presence would be essential.  I’m mostly just a tag-along :)  I would’ve had the opportunity to attend some short courses on community development, but unfortunately everything is fully booked alread.  I’m still hoping to attend at least one lecture but for the most part I’ll be touring the city while Alastair does the schmoozing.

So, tomorrow is Toronto, but tonight was Norma Jean.

This night had been planned all the way back in November, so we were excited to meet up with friends, Andy and Susie, in London to hear the band Norma Jean play.

The gig was at a club called the Underworld…not as scary as it sounds.

There was a line-up of four punk rock bands and never a dull moment.

Can you find Alastair?

There was a lot of rocking out, but Norma Jean stole the show.

The whole night was excellent and we were happy we had the chance to see Andy and Susie.

Al and I topped off the night with a pint of Punk IPA…


We’ve unpacked, repacked and are catching a few hours of sleep before heading to Toronto.  Here we come, Canada!

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